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About Me

My first experience with Nia - was totally surprising with an immediate connection and intuition that Nia and I were meant one for the other.

Today, I'm a Black belt Nia practitioner with over ten years of teaching experience (classes, workshops, special events). 


My main goal as a teacher - is to guide my students to let go and experience freedom while moving. Freedom to make choices that promote well-being, self-respect and positive experiences.  

My uniqe path as a teacher - I LOVE music!! contemporary, electronic and world music. I am always watching out for the next cool piece of music.  


What students say:  

"Your guidance summoned a fascinating journey of introspection, 

Allowed me and my body to connect with my soul and walk along with her"


- Tal G.

"Dina is a combination of a DJ with a great taste of music and the most unique and powerful NIA teacher."


  - Keren A.

"Dina is a person who can contain me. She is an inspiration to me and her special way gives others hope to find their own pathe in life"


- Maya A.

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